Follow the Stars

It was just like yesterday home was just beneath my soles, nourishing Now I’m back on that path to destiny Somedays I’m motivated Other days Im questioning life Is my compass working well? Do I need to quench my thirst? My navigation needs calibration from time to time But the stars do not lie Like … More Follow the Stars


I watched him walk bare feet on that rough rocky path And my soles felt the burning pain from my toes to my heel I can hear her silent cry through the walls, covering her mouth suppressing the pain And I can feel the suffocation of trying to tolerate the pain of a heart break … More EMPATHY


I watched the alluring sun kissed the horizon She lit the ocean up beautifully As breath taking silhouettes fell east Each writing the story of their day Among all the stories that I imagined for each silhouette Yours held me spell bound I tried to imagine what kind of day you must have had, inconceivable … More Silhouette

When Life Happens

4 WALLS 1st Wall: Covered in white in the middle a crucifix hung, Immanuel 2nd Wall:  A door of relief stood open as its light kept the room calm, lighthouse 3rd Wall: Where my life was dependent on colored buttons and clear liquids, life support 4th Wall: Ah the 4th wall, where the door opens … More When Life Happens


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the horizon? Either you’re on the mountain top or just out in the open sea. Does a smile of relief breakout on your beautiful face? Does it make you take a deep breath of hope?  I pray it does bring you comfort, I … More Horizon