Limericks by Sahmukeu

Blue Crush

His blue eyes remind me of the sea
Every time I’m with him, it’s all I see
His palms, rough like the sand
But, it’s a home feeling in his hand
I think I might just add him, to my family tree


I dream of seeing the world
Life wasn’t having me hurled
For every dream is a vision
And curveballs are part of this mission
For one day, I’ll get to see the world


Born with sparkling dew in the morning
To the world, always adorning
Effortlessly brightening up someone’s day
And gone with the setting of the sun’s last ray
I’ll see you again my friend, no need for mourning


I always thought it was a fairy tale
And cuts and scraped knees was the only pain it would entail
Then I grew up and wrote my own
Through my cuts and scraped knees, my strength shone
I learned, that everyone has their own fairy tale


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