A lot changes during the passing of time. A heart heals, a caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly, and a toddler says his /her first words or people change because life happened.

The passing of time is aging and refining my soul, a journey of becoming and neither am I there at my beginning nor have I arrived at my destination. Maybe there is no destination in life but a journey one must travel through the different passages of time. I always like to believe that there are no accidents because it makes me reason out why it had to happen. Sometimes bad accidents are just blessings in disguise that teaches us to see the good rather than judge a book by its cover. Other times, it is not in disguise so as to assure and encourage us that we’re going the right way or it is life’s way of showing us the green light to continue forward.

The passing of time has taught me that different is good. I don’t always have to follow the norms of society if it is always going to contradict my happiness. I believe that the strongest people are the ones with the toughest battles for their reward in the end is worth it. I like to think that science calls it, 3rd Law of Motion by Sir Isaac Newton. How much you have struggled is equal to the magnitude of the blessing that is coming back to you.

The passing of time has taught me that everyone has their own definition of happiness. Happiness and self-assurance is not found in devaluing someone else’s life so as to justify yourself that your life is better. Everyone writes their own happily ever after however they feel happiness is to them.

The passing of time has taught me to express and share my love and be more kind to family, friends and those who may need it as often as I can. Life is often taken for granted and most times we rush through life without genuinely being grateful for it. It takes losing to know its’ worth and sometimes it’s necessary because it is the only way to learn and appreciate life more.

The passing of time has taught me that God has abundantly blessed each and every one of us. All that we need to go through life He will provide. We all serve different purposes that He has custom made for each and every one of us. Some of us are given a longer period of time while others are given less. Either way, in however how much time he allocates to each of us, we all serve His Will for the greater good of mankind.

By Sahmukeu.


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