Heart Speaks xoxo

Dear Wishing Well

By wishing wells I stopped, optimistic
Always the same wishes I made
With longing from my heart to my palm, the coin tosses
Sighing with a sting of doubt like the sinking of the coin
Among the thousands of coins shimmering wishes
I hope mine is worthy of  your granting


Fearless Heart

I can feel the callus peeling off my heart
Taking with it all the pain it had shielded me from
A defense mechanism I didn’t know I had
My heart smiles fearlessly
Knowing this heart can feel
Yet immune to perish


Surviving Lonely Roads

The Solitary paths I walked
Am I strong enough to take another step?
These empty rooms feel more like home now
Break these walls and you’ll hear my voice escape
Sitting between vacated seats is my norm
Oh these solitary paths I walk
I still wouldn’t change routes
For then, I wouldn’t have found God


Dreams and Stars

Under the night sky we laid
Watched over by the stars our youthful dreams lade
For a  moment, on an old pier we stayed
Mapping our dreams like a constellation
Mine like draco, never setting below the horizon
Yours was like the southern cross, vital to your navigation
But our love, will always be like the belt of orion



Always by the window she sat
Her thoughts in sync with the pouring rain
No rhythm at all
Disordered as they fall
She sips her coffee hopefully
The aroma always comforting
If only life ran smoothly like this single drop of rain on the foggy window


Beautiful Melanin

My skin is of the color of the earth
Beautifully made with worth
I feel sorry that your society has made you conform
That my color implies a derogatory norm
Maybe you are not of this earth

Poetries by Bschapau


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