When Life Happens


1st Wall: Covered in white in the middle a crucifix hung, Immanuel

2nd Wall:  A door of relief stood open as its light kept the room calm, lighthouse

3rd Wall: Where my life was dependent on colored buttons and clear liquids, life support

4th Wall: Ah the 4th wall, where the door opens slightly only letting in blurb of the hallway

Leaving me hopeful that the next visit presents a rainbow of a blurb



I don’t mind the scars on my body

The trace marks of the blade on my skin

The uneven stitching marks

It only means I’ve lived

the wrinkles at the corner of my eyes

Will tell you it was a good one



I walked away

I finally did

I walked away and my heart smiled

She finally did

So it took me this long

But I finally did

The trampled flower now grew her roots deeper

I was never late, everything had to happen accordingly

And it did

I can feel that morning sunlight on my skin


It always will be


Poetries by Bschapau



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