By the Stairs

As beautiful as I am There I waited by the stairs Glistening with the morning dew There I waited by the stairs Your eyes looked directly at me Flirtatiously I waited by the stairs I felt myself gravitating towards your aura But all you saw of me were my torns By bschapau 🌹🌹


I keep running my finger on the sharp edge of this knife It had stabbed me multiple times Yet, always hoping it wouldn’t hurt the next time But the pain became like an addiction Always running the knife repeatedly on the same wound I have become immune to this particular pain I watched the blood … More Numb

Living in a Suitcase

Late night packing and early morning traveling. I can never really call a place home. I’m not really good with goodbyes either. Late night packing and early morning traveling. Watching the sunrise from my window seat. Hoping my new home welcomes me well. Late night packing and early morning traveling. Is it wrong to want … More Living in a Suitcase

An Innocent Crime

An Innocent Crime Promisingly He took my hand My defenseless trust was in his command Deluged of empty words coated with magic shell How do I break my shackles and escape this cell? My exposed, bruised ankles and wrists now long for green land Limerick by Bschapau

A Writer’s Potion

The paper my cauldron Passion my burning fire The pen my wand Together I created my potion A half cup of nouns A table spoon of verbs Add a handful of conjunction words With a pinch of sweet words Stir grammatically correct A recipe that tugs at heart strings By Bschapau