Heart Speaks xoxo

Dear Wishing Well By wishing wells I stopped, optimistic Always the same wishes I made With longing from my heart to my palm, the coin tosses Sighing with a sting of doubt like the sinking of the coin Among the thousands of coins shimmering wishes I hope mine is worthy of  your granting xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Fearless … More Heart Speaks xoxo

What Once Was

Our paths crossed like the creation of a comet A beautiful phenomenon sparkling brighter than all stars in the night sky A lifespan of a moment Traveling at the speed of light My heart became collateral damage For now our lives run in parallel Like a comet that sometimes goes extinct I wonder if we’ll … More What Once Was


In the stillness of my chaotic world I wondered Should I tell them? Like a raindrop in the ocean Will it affect their world? But I took a deep breath and continued With one raindrop in the ocean at a time And maybe someday In the stillness of this chaotic  world There will be a … More Someday

If Only They Knew

They tell me I’m too young to have that depth of emotion and wisdom But age is not the measure of maturity They tell me I’m too late because everyone I started with have already gone far But in order to go further you have to take a few steps back to gain more momentum … More If Only They Knew

The Journey

I flipped to the next page and realized, it was the end of a chapter I turned around another corner and saw, there was a gate leading to a new path I ran to the front of my ship and the horizon that I had reached, a vast new ocean awaits me Fear of the … More The Journey